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Gulf States Horticultural Expo

Planting Seeds of Excellence
By LMG Calla Victoria

Hairy balls

       Recently I attended the Gulf States Horticultural
Expo in Mobile, Alabama. It was a three-day marathon packed with information on the newest trends in landscaping, irrigation, horticulture, landscape lighting, garden design, stats on newly released plant hybrids; so that nurseries can start looking for the new items to service the gardening public.


      The tradeshow floor was a celebration of the
foremost names in agriculture, and gardening;
companies like Stihl, Encore Azalea, Southern Living Plant Collection, Ball Seed, Tremron Hardscapes, Garretson Stone, Rain Bird, Atlantic Water Gardens, to name a few. Also there were wholsale nurseries from around the country. Exhibits ranged from flats of groundcovers to huge mature tree specimens and the gargantuan heavy machinery that digs
them up and transports them.




     Billy Nungesser                                        Mike Strain
     Louisiana Lieutenant Governor                Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture
                                                                      & Forestry Commissioner

    On there second day of the Expo, the Louisiana Nursery                  Gardening Association (LNLA), of which I am a                  member, hosted a Breakfast Meeting and Awards ceremony. The impressive roster of keynote speakers included Louisiana's Lieutenant Bill Nungesser, and Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain. Lieutent Govenor Nungesser previewed a marketing video designed to encourage tourist and locals to visit many of the not well-known but no less magnificent locals in the great state of Lousiana. Comminissor Strain provided encouraging information concerning farmers and the new trade agreements.

Remember, never get too busy to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers!


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