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 A Gardener's Passion
The Jimmy Poche Plumeria Collection
                              By LMG Calla Victoria



     My fellow Louisiana Master Gardener, Jimmy Poche, invited the members of MGGNO (Master Gardeners of
Greater New Orleans) over to 
his home for a tour of his extensive Plumeria collection. 
Whenever I go to visit a

gardener I play this little game with myself. Once I am on the block of the address, I turn my navigation off
and look for the gardener’s home. I know it is going to be the home with plants EVERYWHERE! Jimmy’s
plants were spilling  down his driveway, yes this is the gardener’s home!

     When I arrived, LMG Jimmy Poche was just finishing up a tour with a few other people including MGGNO's
President Cynthia Maldonado.  I just wandered around enjoying the view.  
Jimmy’s yard backs up to a canal,
so Jimmy has vegetables planted on 
both sides of his fence, and 
in his neighbor’s yard. His neighbor is
elderly and really cannot care for a garden. Now, because of Jimmy she 
has fresh produce, a fig tree, and
happy sunflowers to enjoy. One of the many benefits of living next to a gardener i
s that, as we run out of
planting real estate, we are always 
looking for a plot of soil.  

     LMG Jimmy Poche has been collecting plumerias since he purchased his first plumerias from the
Hawaiian Pavilion at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. For those who are unfamiliar with the plant, 
Plumeria (also called Frangipani) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. Most species

are deciduous shrubs or  small trees. The fragrant  blooms of the plumeria plant are what the beautiful

Hawaiian leis are made from.

     During my visit with LMG Jimmy Poche, he conducted two mini educational demonstrations. The first demo
was on how to harvest plumeria seeds and plant them.

The second demo was on how to plant a plumeria from a cutting.   

I love Jimmy’s passion and he is passionate about plumerias. He has tubs of plumeria cuttings, plumerias
in all phases of growth up to large plumeria trees that towered overhead.


I purchased several plumerias, a few other plants, and Jimmy gave me a handful of cuttings and seeds.
Gardeners are a happy and generous bunch. If you would like to tour LMG Jimmy Poche's garden, have
plumeria questions, or wish to purchase plumeras, reach out to Jimmy Poche  at


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